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I purchased a par of sandals made by Aerosole at Macy's in Daytona Florida while on vacation. I live In Canada

A few month later I decided to wear it. Within 2 hours the shank on the button craked and so did both heels.

I wrote a letter and took some pictures of the sandals to Aerosole pointinout that after 2 hours

of wear the sandals fell apart.

The people at the office were shocked to see my brand new shoes!

I asked for a replacement shoe or my money back. Customer service offered me a 20% discount

on my next pair of shoes from Aerosole.

Are they for real? Do they think I will ever buy another pair from them? 2 HOURS of wear

and they fall apart. Yopu got to be kidding !!!!!!!

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Are these real Aerosoles?The font used for the brand name is different.

Could these be knockoffs? However, even if they are, this does seem to be a problem with real Aerosoles.

The material used for the soles deteriorates and breaks up.I've had it happen with other brands as well- all made in China.


Wow,thats inexcusable.I just came from dinner with friends. Have a pair of aersole sandals I decided to wear what with the spring like weather.Now granted the shoes are quite old,but not worn much.As I was walking thought ''why is this shoe so lose''Well the from toe strap came loose, the soles of both pair falling totally apart,I left shoe debri all over the cafe.Thank goodness for the ankle strap that helt the rest of the shoe on my feet. Never had a shoe do this,even a old one.

to Paula #1015336

I had this exact experience with Aerosoles last evening when I went out to dinner.The shoes were just fine when I sat down, and 3 hours later as I stood up the heel on my right shoe just 1/2 broke away and the shoe on my left foot split in half.

Like magic, both of the shoes fell almost completely apart as I was unloosening the straps and taking them off. There was debris everywhere! I walked out of the restaurant with bare feet. It was just unbelievable!!!

I have photos.

These shoes looked like new and had not been worn more than 6 times and were always kept in original box in my closet.They were likely 3 years old.


I too purchased a very similar shoe to the one you showed in your picture!It also fell apart after less than 2 hours of wear!!!!

It was unbelievable...we had to leave an event and run back home for a different pair of shoes. I could not wait to get rid of my 'new'/previously unworn shoes directly to the trash since chucks of shoe were falling off everywhere!!!! Really terrible and something that Aerosoles should stand behind...

I was afraid to wear them through the event for 1) embarrassment and 2) dangerous if the whole thing collapsed and I'd hurt an ankle or fall, etc.

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