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I ordered from three times and all have been very very unpleasant experience. The first time, I ordered my size and the shoes are huge - they kept sliding off.

The second and third time, the shoes fit well, but my credit card were overcharged 30% more. I called their CS, and the person was the rudest CS person I ever spoke to. She denied their overcharge and said the higher price was the "correct"price. I finally had to tell her I had all the invoice when I placed the order as a proof.

She put me on hold for 20 minutes and told me they will do an adjustment, but so far (one week later)I have not seen any credit on my account. Talking to Aerosoles customer service can really ruin your day - they are extremely unpleasant and they acted like they are doing you a huge favor by letting you have the previlige to buy their shoes. I do admit, their shoes are very comfortable if they fit.

These people don't understand they are in the service industry dealing with people's money, it's their customers that keep them employed. I want to give them a few more days, if I don't receive the credit refund they overcharged, I will have not option but to file a dispute with my credit card company.

Bottome line: Aerosoles shoes, not worth the aggrevation, go spend your hard earned cash somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $157.

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I will never spend another dime on Aerosoles. I ordered one pair of shoes from them, liked them, and decided to go back for another. I placed an online order with Aerosoles for one pair of shoes. The shoes were backordered and were not supposed to ship for a week. Aerosoles sent

through an authorization to my credit card. Two days later, they sent a second authorization through to my credit card, even though the shoes had not shipped

and were not available. When I saw this come through, I called Aerosoles

to find out why they were authorizing a second time. Their website claims to have 24/7 customer service. That is a lie. The

woman who answered the phone told me that they should not have authorized the card twice and that she was concerned they would overcharge me, but she could not answer any questions or stop it and she told me to call back the next day, which was Sunday. This woman also told me that she could not figure out why they had authorized the card with two charges because the order had been suspended by some unknown party. I sent an email telling them to cancel that order and drop any charges. I never received a response to this email. I called Aerosoles a second time on Sunday after 10am. The woman who answered the phone told me that she could not answer any of my questions

and she asked me to call back on Monday. I called Monday and was patched through to Customer Service where I got an answering system that asked me to leave a message. I left a message demanding a phone call and that they cancel the order. No one returned

the call. I called again after 10am, and finally got a woman. She said her name so fast I didn't catch it. I explained what had happened and that I was fed up and wanted them to cancel the order. I also expressed that I was concerned that Aerosole was screwed up and would continue to charge my card. She said that she had canceled the order for me, but that

she would have to turn the unauthorized charge issue over to her supervisor and that her supervisor would call me. No one ever called me. Later that day, I received an email that stated the order

had been canceled. After that email came through, I noticed that my credit card had been charged by Aerosole, after the cancelation had taken place. I have never received the shoes. And I was told the shoes had never shipped because they are not

available. I did file a dispute, and if I have to I will take this to civil court. I am pissed about the inconvenience. I WILL NOT SPEND A DIME ON ANYTHING MADE BY AEROSOLES!!! THEY ARE SO SCREWED UP!!!


dont shop at aerosole on 125TH ST because the lady brown hair dont help you she just look out the window and coworker run back too get shoe's .

I was doing a return on 3/28/11 she clock in and did not help no one just look out hte window the man had to do the return and was helping other people at the too. SO DONT SHOP AT AEROSOLES ON 125TH ST


I wish I had seen these complaints before buying aerosole shoes and upon returning them was then forced to take store credit. I will never use this credit and there for feel this company has stolen my money.

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