Funny but embarrassing story about me and my aerosole shoes.I chose to wear a pair of black sandahls-heel strap and ankle strap-spongy wedge sole. Yes, I had had them a few years but I have 50+ pairs of shoes and I had not worn these often.

I was shopping with friends and as I entered the dept store the whole wedge disintegrated. A piece of metal pocked out and I was leaving black debris all over the store.

I bought a pair of shoes so I could keep shopping. Went home and checked another pair aerosoles with the same composition wedge and they were cracked open ready to do the same.Maybe you need to warn-the soles will dry rot over a period of time.

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Carmichael, California, United States #1193206

I had the same thing happen yesterday, at a wedding no less! I wore a pair of Aerosole sandals that I've had for several years, but had only worn a few times.

They looked fine when I put them on, but the rubber sole and heel disintegrated as I walked, leaving a trail of rubber chunks behind me.

The wedding was in a remote location and I didn't have a replacement pair of shoes. I was mortified!

South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #1128807

2016 have/had pair of wedges that completely disintegrated I am a shoe lover and in all the years I have had shoes never has this happened.

Keaau, Hawaii, United States #973873

I've had the same issue but with Naturalizer wedges and other name brands. On Consumer report someone was complaining about their Eccos doing the same.

Over the past 10 years shoe manufacturers are using something different.

I've never had this problem before. It's embarrassing when this event happens when you're out and about and need to go buy slippers just so you can have something on your feet.


What does spelling have to do with chinese *** for shoes?

Spelling is not the topic here!

My husband had brand new work shoes where the heel disintegrated in the same manner. I just tried on a really cute pair of sandals. As I'm walking around, I'm depositing this black stuff wherever I walk. Same exact problem!

My husband's were no Aerosoles, mine were. Will have to be more vigilant where my shoes are made


SAME PROBLEM!! I have had the soles completely fall off my feet!

I have thrown away at least 15 pair in the past 2 years. Horrible quality, waste of money.

Pretty new, disgusting once a few months old. The leather linings peel away or wear through quickly and they the dyes stain your hose and your feet.


I had the sole disintegration phenomenon happen to me this past Friday! Very funny!

Thankfully the shoes were purchased like new, second hand and did not cost much cash. Wondering if this is typical for this stylish and comfortable brand?


Nancy, you need to spend less time in the shoe store and more time in school. Learn to spell.

It's never too late. Nice shoes or not, you still look like an ***.

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